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Defining Progress Through Data.


Rossman Bull

We strive to produce Angus and SimAngus cattle that excel in calving ease with accelerated, efficient growth and carcass merit on a solid, foundational structure. Females must be functional and fertile. AI and IVF are utilized to make meaningful genetic advancements.

Rossman Genetics

Performance data and genomically enhanced EPDs are used in conjunction with critical phenotypic measures to ensure soundness, function and longevity to progress our genetic evolution.

Rossman Sustainability

Our goal is to reduce costs of production through technology including feed efficiency testing with GrowSafe. We also improve land and water quality through proven sustainability practices.

Rossman R@3x-8.png

Rossman Farms is a diverse farming operation that also includes row crops and hogs capitalizing on the synergies that provides for the cattle operation. We have focused heavily on introducing new technologies and management practices focused on sustainability including cover crops, minimal tillage and improving water quality. 

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