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Donor Dams

Baldridge Pratissa X41C

DONOR_X41C AAA18478257_ZCH_9474_edit.JPG


DONOR_X41C AAA18478257_ZCH_9474_edit_edited_edited_edited.jpg

AAA: 18478257 

The base cow at Rossman Farms Genetics is a direct daughter of Baldridge Pratissa W165. W165 is a power cow at Baldridge Performance Angus and the dam of many sale-topping bulls, whose daughters have had a huge impact in the Baldridge Performance program.
The influence of Pratissa X41C will be felt for years to come.

Boyd/Myers Butterfly M758

Thomas Butter Fly 21042-17464254-KayeAtAgriExposureLLC.JPG

AAA: 19263361

This cow defies the genomic antagonism of the birth / growth spread.
CED 15 BW -2.3 WW 77 YW 133 with top 1% $W 2% CED 2% BW 5% WW 10% YW 15% $M. The ability to transmit the birth to yearling spread to her offspring is impressive. Doing a sort for the 4 above traits only 8 cows in the Angus database are displayed. (traits CED – BW – WW – YW)
Purchased as a pick of 5 heifer calves at the 2019 National Western Stock Show from Joe Myer and Charlie Boyd.
The dam, Thomas Butterfly 4742 and grand dam Thomas Butterfly 21042 have produced many sale toppers and features for the Boyd/Myers partnership.
This cow will be propagated into the future due to her kind, type and EPD profile for BW – CED – WW - YW

Rossman Pratissa 44G


Dam: Baldridge Pratissa X41C

DONOR_X41C AAA18478257_ZCH_9474_edit.JPG

Sire: Connealy Confidence Plus

Connealy Confidence Plus (3940)_17585576_KateRoberts.jpg

AAA: 19506351

Baldridge Pratissa 44G is a direct daughter of Baldridge Pratissa 41C and sired by Connealy Confidence Plus. When Rossman Farms Genetics considers phenotype Pratissa 44G is ideal. She is a moderate-framed, huge-bodied, easy-fleshing cow with a perfect udder in production. She combines a CED of 13 BW -1.9 MARB 1.19 REA .95 $ Combination of 295. The pursuit of perfection on paper EPD’s we do not follow that breeding model. We think keeping cows that look like cows is critical.

MDH Blackcap Lady F010

DONOR_F010 AAA19409055_ZCH_9491_edit.jpg
ha blackcap lady 7258.jpg

HA Image Maker 0415- Son of Granddam HA Rito Blackcap 9038


AAA: 19409055
Blackcap Lady F010 is a power cow that is wide based, big ribbed, stout hipped and feminine fronted with great udder structure while in production. She is an example of reaching back and pulling forward great production-based genetics that survived the pressure of genomic enhancement given the age of the base cows in the pedigree. She is top 4% $M 4% $W 5% Claw 10% REA 10% $C.
Her sire is Connealy Confidence Plus who is creating some of the very best females in the Angus breed. His influence will be felt for generations.
The dam, HA Blackcap Lady 7258 (born 2007) was purchased as a 10-year-old cow to propagate the cow family.  HA Blackcap Lady 7258 sired by HA Program 5652 (born 2005 who stood at ABS) was purchased by Sullivan Farms from southern Iowa as a heifer calf at the 2007 NILE female sale in Billings, MT. The grand dam HA Blackcap Lady 1055 (born 2001) sired by Papa Forte 1921 (born 1991) lived to be 14 years old and produced sale topping bulls and many replacement females. The great- grand dam HA Blackcap Lady 9038 (born 1989) accumulated a record of 87 daughters in production and 149 ultrasound scans. She was seen by many as one of the very best Angus cows standing in Montana in the 1990’s. HA Image Maker who stood at ABS for years was her most famous son and widely used in commercial and breeder herds for many years.

Baldridge Isabel F713


Great Grand Dam: Baldridge Isabel T935  16746720

Maternal Grandsire: Hoover Dam

Baldridge Isabel T935.jpg

Sire: Baldridge Titan A139


AAA: 19264910

Isabel F713 represents POWER in a low birth package. CED 6 BW 1.2 WW 84 YW 145. She is backed by time tested cattle with data and individual performance. Considering the age of the sire, maternal grand sire and maternal grand dam in today’s fast paced genomic driven EPD environment, Isabel F713 stacks up very well. The sire, Baldridge Titan, born in 2013 with over 835 genomic tests, Maternal grandsire, Hoover Dam born 2008 with over 4,470 genomics tests and Maternal granddam, Baldridge Isabel T935 with 79 genomic tests. Baldridge Isabel T935 is the dam of breed legend Baldridge Isabel Y69. This cow’s POWER PHENOTYPE and birth to yearling spread is being put in place for future generations at Rossman Farms Genetics.

Priorities for the Rossman Farms Genetics Cow Herd

  • Fertility

  • Udder Quality

  • Soundness

  • Pounds Weaned

  • Keep Mature Size In-Check

Simmental Dams

MSF2 3000A GL004

DONOR_X41C AAA18478257_ZCH_9474_edit_edited_edited_edited.jpg

ASA: 3601002

GL004 combines powerful phenotype with breed-leading projections for growth and elite carcass merit.   She is one of the most unique PB Simmental cows in the ASA Database.   A unique combination of moderate birth, and curve-bending growth she ranks in the top 1%  for marbling and top 2% for REA.  GL004 ranks in the top ten for API among female parents in the ASA database. 

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