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Maternal Power by Design

RFG/MDH Pappy J86 | Reg: 20044868
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Cattleman's Congress


RFG/MDH Pappy J86 is the #2 $Maternal son of Baldridge Pappy in the Angus database. Pappy J86 is a moderate framed, big-bodied, very sound structured individual with very good foot quality. 

The pedigree is stacked with great grand dams:

Miss Blackcap Elston J2, Baldridge Isabel Y69, Basin Lucy 3150, Basin Lucy W213 ......COW POWER!!

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Powerful Pedigree

Bladridge Pappy.jpg

Baldridge Pappy


MDH G001

EXAR LUCY 5682.jpg

EXAR Lucy 5682

The cow power is undeniable in the pedigree of RFG/MDH Pappy J86. This was MDH Lucy G001's first calf with an 82 lb. BW and adj. 205-day WW @ 788 lbs. She settled first service AI post-calving and has produced IVF embryos while bred. Lucy G001 sire Basin Paycheck is a source of moderate thick-centered cattle that thrive in open range settings. Paycheck’s dam Basin Lucy 3150 has been a successful donor for Basin Angus, EZ Angus Ranch and Riverbend Angus Ranch. EXAR Lucy 5682 is one of the last direct daughters of Basin Lucy
W213 and was introduced to Rossman Farms Genetics to establish the Basin Lucy cow family. Baldridge Pappy is sired by the breeds premier power bull Hoover No Doubt.

Genetically Complete

Rossman Bulls Available

14 Rossman bulls will be available this spring, private treaty. We invite you to our open house in Oronoco, MN. 

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