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RFG Versatile K82
  • RFG Versatile K82

    A lower birth, power bull that defies the genetic antagonisms between birth and growth.   A high marbling, right sized, complete Versatile son with extra rib, thickness, and length in a balanced, complete package built for longevity.  Identified as the heaviest 205 day weight, top WW EPD and the top $F bull in the age advanced group.   

    • Top 3% WW, Top 2% YR, Top 1% DOC, Top 5% CW, Top 3% Marb

    • Top 15% $W, Top 10% $F, Top 3% $G, Top  2% $B, Top 3 % $C.

    • SIRE

      Baldridge Versatile
    • DAM

      Baldridge Isabel F713

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