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Rossman Jordan L09
  • Rossman Jordan L09

     A super complete, deep, thick bodied, big volume herd sire prospect.  He is sprung wide and stands wide front and rear, with flawless structural design and soundness.   He brings exceptional end-product merit. This bull represents two elite cow families in the Angus breed, Baldridge Isabel and Boyd/Myers Butterfly.   A real cow maker with elite calving ease genetics and  a great Birth to Yearling EPD spread. . 

    • Top 3% CED, Top 10% BW, Top 10% WW, Top 10% YW,  Top 2% CEM,  Top 2% REA
    • Top 10% Marb, Top 15% CW, Top 1% $M, Top 1% $W, Top 15% $F,  Top 4% $G
    •  Top 10% $B, Top 2% $C
    • SIRE

      Baldridge Jordan
    • DAM

      Boyd/Myers Butter Fly M758

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